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The Snow Family Shared Some Insight Into Their Custom Home Building Experience with Dobson Homes, LLC.

How did you choose your location?  What made your new home site so appealing?

Choosing our home site was a chance to return home to where I grew up and was raised.  A few years ago we purchased a few acres next to my parents home in Ivy.  It was a dream come true to build on the land I had played on as a child and to have the opportunity for my children to live on that same land and grow up living next to their grandparents. 


What was your experience like working with Dobson Homes?


This was the first custom home we’ve built and I think its safe to say b/c of the location, the design, and the wonderful experience with Dobson Homes it will probably be our last.  The experience was fun!  We enjoyed the process of designing and building our home with a group of professionals who treated our thoughts and vision as if it was their home.  


Can you tell us a little about the custom home building journey?


First of all It was a wonderful journey.  As I reflect on my marriage  of 20 years and the experiences, challenges and life changing moments I would put building a custom home as a significant life experience for our family.  In building a custom home we wanted to  create and build something that represented our family.  Our top request was to build a home that was family oriented, fun and functional.  As I reflect on the process and journey I am so grateful that we chose a builder who made the process easy and fun.  There were so many  details outside of the construction that made the journey rewarding. One of our favorites was the weekly Facebook updates on a building page created just for our home and family.  The countless emails and one on one personal attention from Tommy Dobson to ensure everything was perfect. 


What was the most stressful part of the home building process?


The most stressful part of building a custom home is the thought and idea that everything has to be perfect.  The perfect selection for  counters, cabinets, tile, fixtures, flooring, paint colors, the lists go on and on.  Somewhere in the process we decided to let go of that notion and decided to enjoy the experience.  Having said that….lol the most stressful thing is that it’s a custom home and you get to choose everything.  You want everything to blend and look good at the end and at times you stress over those descesions. Thank goodness for my wife and her ability to use Pinterest. 


What was the best part about the home building process?


Its your home in the end.  Its your design, its custom to your needs and functions for your family and lifestyle.  Its like a custom tailored suit, it fits our family just right. Working with a team of individuals who made it possible and cared as much as we did was the cherry on top.

What’s your favorite part about your Dobson Home?

        My wife and I always ask each other this very question.  We will start with one area of the house that’s our favorite and before we know it we’ve listed 7 or 8 additional areas.   Her favorite is the mudroom, because she finally has a space to put everything for our four kids.  The kids each have their own cubby for pack packs, jackets, art projects, and a lower cubby with a door that hides shoes and conceals the smells of the kids shoes…lol

My favorite part is the whole house.  I will find myself in the media room, office, front porch, kitchen, pantry, shower, main grand room and thinking to myself I LOVE THIS HOUSE! 

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